Old Murder Mystery in Amersham – Can Anyone Help?

I have received an email asking if I can help with a possible old mystery about a murder in Amersham many years ago.  The writer tells me “I recall that a popular woman GP was murdered in the woods above Old Amersham, her name might have been Davison.  On the widely held belief that a murderer always returns to the scene of the crime, my father was allocated the night watch, which he spent up in a tree, my guess quite high.  Probably to his intense relief the murderer did not appear and I believe was never caught.”

Can anyone remember this case and what the outcome was?  A Google search has not revealed anything, but it was probably reported locally.

10 thoughts on “Old Murder Mystery in Amersham – Can Anyone Help?

  1. It was Dr Davidson,she was my GP on the corner ,just before the turn off for Piggots orchard,I was only 13 but my mother I talked about it a few times over the years <it was never solved before we left Amersham Area to come to Australia,and the people mum knew ,never heard about it being solved,
    ,I would really love the case to be solved


    • Hi
      Thank you to everyone who has given me help over the last seven years …I really appreciate every single piece of information that I have received on a variety of topics. As many will know my book was published in May. It’s called ‘INJURED PARTIES, Solving the Murder of Dr Helen Davidson’. I am also giving talks in and around Amersham on the subject. The next one is in the Memorial Hall at Chalfont St Giles on Wednesday 20th July at 8 pm. Doors open at 7.30 pm. Thank you once again to everyone.
      Monica Weller


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