New Display of Buses From Amersham Station – But How Easy is it to Read?

A new display has recently appeared at Amersham station which appears to show the next buses departing from outside the station (well from Hill Avenue). 


I say appears to show as having white text on a light green background is very hard to see. I am actually visually impaired which does not help, but is this combination of colours for displaying useful information easy for anyone to read quickly?  

The poor choice of colours for text and backgrounds is a pet hate of mine. To be easy to read for everyone, be it on electronic displays or printed material, the text and background need to have different contrast. Light text on a dark background is probably best although dark text on a light background can work. I would also suggest that designers should take account of the lighting conditions the display will be set in. An electronic display positioned in bright sunlight is often very hard to see as it is not bright enough. But a too bright display in a dark location can cause too much glare.  Sometimes though an electronic display just won’t be able to cope with all conditions.  The electronic LED bus number and route displays can often be hard to see in bright sunlight and also be too bright in the dark creating glare making the small text hard to read. In many ways for buses a well lit old fashioned paper roller display can’t be beaten for ease of seeing. 

As an aside, the next buses details now being shown at Amersham station will show just how few buses there are in the evenings and on Sundays!


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