Over the Top! by the Journeymen Theatre – Amersham – Saturday 25th March

Over the Top! by the Journeymen Theatre
The latest event in our series ‘Why Conflict?’ is a forum
theatre performance of ‘Over the Top!’ by the Journeymen
Battle lines are drawn when a head teacher and parent
clash over the role of the military in our schools.
Over the Top! is a powerful drama focussing on the
dilemmas created when two contrasting points of view
about the role of the military in our schools clash, and
come to a head-on confrontation.
Kathy Wooton is a Quaker and highly passionate advocate
for peace. Dr Roberts, head of her teenage son’s school,
is a pragmatic man who can’t see the problem of the
military being involved in school events, and feels that
engaging with the army brings nothing but positive
advantages for his (cash-strapped) Academy.
Their telephone and face-to-face exchanges, plus their
conversations and text messages with off-stage
characters, illustrate the alarming, challenging and
emotional issues involved. It is often darkly funny.
As forum theatre, the entertaining 55 minute drama is
intended to promote discussion and the exchange of ideas
with, and between, the actors and audience. We invite
parents, teachers, youth group leaders and 14+ teens to
join us for a lively evening including tea and cake.
Entry is FREE, but space is limited so prior booking via
Eventbrite is recommended. Parking available.
There will be a closing collection for Journeymen Theatre
and charities supported by Why Conflict?

date: Saturday 25th March 2017

time: 7pm (doors open from 6:30 pm)

venue: Amersham Quaker Meeting House, Whielden St, HP7 0JB

cost: FREE (prior reservation via Eventbrite recommended

email: amershamcontact@quakers-chilterns-area.org.uk

web: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/over-the-top-ticket


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