Taekwondo is a dynamic, exciting and effective self-defence system,
consisting of blocks, strikes, punches and kicks, that can be learned by
everybody from 6-60.

No matter your level of fitness, size or shape we can help you achieve
your goals.

Classes typically consist of fitness exercises, punching and kicking
pads, self defence drills, sparring, artistic patterns and stretching,
which are all designed to help students progress through the traditional
ITF syllabus, from beginner through to Black Belt and beyond.

Come along wearing something loose and comfortable, bring a drink and try
something new!

date: Fridays or Sundays

time: 6.30pm Fridays 5pm Sundays

venue: Fridays @ Elangeni School, Woodside Avenue, Amersham HP6 6EG
Sundays @ Woodside Junior School, Mitchell Walk, Amersham HP6 6NW

cost: FREE

event email:

event web:

event tel nos: 01844 281 888


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