Helen Fry and Derek Nudd Launch Their Wartime Books at Amersham Museum – 6 October

Helen Fry and Derek Nudd Launch Their Wartime Books at Amersham Museum

Acclaimed authors Helen Fry and Derek Nudd will be launching their new wartime books at the museum on Friday 6th October.


Acclaimed author Helen Fry continues to research the role of British Intelligence in WWII with London Cage, which explores the interrogation of German prisoners of war behind locked doors in Kensington Palace Gardens. Helen’s extraordinary original research paints rich portraits of the interrogators and their prisoners, and gives disturbing, compelling accounts of daily life revolving around systemic Soviet-style mistreatment. Fry also provides sensational evidence to counter official denials concerning the use of ‘truth drugs’ and ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques.


In Castaways Derek Nudd focuses on German prisoners of war who were brought to Latimer House and Wilton Park and who were questioned and ‘spied’ upon until their secrets were uncovered.

Derek notes, “I ignore the movers and shakers, the German generals and senior staff whose egos were carefully groomed in long-term stays at Trent Park. Instead I look at the constant procession of ordinary matelots and seagoing officers, who passed through Latimer House and Wilton Park, were drained of their useful information, and ‘dumped’ to regular prisoner-of-war camps.”


Helen and Derek will be in the museum from 2pm-4pm on Friday 6th October, talking to visitors (usual museum admissions apply). In the evening they will also each give a talk, take questions and sign copies of their books in the Market Hall, Old Amersham. Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Tickets for the evening event cost £8 per person, £6 for Friends of the Museum and can be booked in the museum or online (www.amershammuseum.org)



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