Pastel & Watercolour Demonstrations – Amersham- During 2019

Pastel & Watercolour Demonstrations

Amersham Art Group have art demonstrations as follows: April 2nd Susan Chester, Pastel Landscape.  May 7th Alan Elees, Watercolour Skies.  Self lead workshops on 27th March, all in the Amersham Community Centre, starting 7:30pm-9:30pm.  £5 for non members.  More information & booking: or calling 01494 771760.

Full Details for those who want it

April 2nd 2019 Demonstration Susan Chester – Pastel Landscape.
May 7th 2019 Demonstration Alan Elees, Watercolour Landscape
June 4th 2019 Demonstration June Perkins – Oil Landscape
July 2nd 2019 Demonstration Simon Chalk – Oils
September 3rd 2019 Demonstration Gordon King – Watercolour
October 1st 2019 Demonstration Susan Grey – see her website for her style
November 5th 2019 Demonstration Niki Bell – see her website for her style

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