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  1. Would like dates of concerts in Amersham Old Town, just visiting yesterday and would like to attend possibly two of them. One was the Queen’s celebration was that in July? and the other one was August 14th think that was the Jazz concert? Information please and price of tickets. Thank you. Wendy.


  2. I have been watching FEUD on BBC TV about the ongoing 15 year dispute between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, which started on set of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE. In the autobiography of the late great H’wood film actress Patricia Neal, one time BUCKS resident and former wife of Roald Dahl, she stated this very interesting memory of Bette Davis from her autobiography :

    “We were country folk now who occasionally got to the theatre in London or greyhound races, which Roald Dahl adored, at the White City, an enormous track outside London. We were hosted there one night by a friend from Hollywood Bette Davis, who had been a guest at our home. She shared Roald’s enthusiasm for the dog races and was terribly popular at the track. All the handicappers gave her the best tips. We always made a mint when we were with Bette.”

    Happy memories of an iconic track long gone and much missed, and also from a time when the Dahl’s were the number one celeb couple/family in BUCKS. I bet Bette was made very welcome at White City and at Roald Dahl’s home in Amersham, but I bet all that met her would have been given the special Bette Davis treatment also. In many ways only spending one hour with Bette was the equivalent of a whirl wind tour beyond anybody’s imagination.




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