The Amersham News Views & Information Forum Has Closed

You may have ended up at this page hoping to access the Amersham News Views & Information Forum.  Sadly the forum has had to close.


The forum had been running for almost 20 years, but with the rising costs of running it (software updates and support) along with the time needed to maintain it and keep it secure in the ever changing internet world, compared to the number of active users, it was no longer viable to keep it running and I regret to not having the time and resources to run it to the level I would want.

I hope those that read and used it enjoyed it.  It seems most people are now on Twitter and Facebook and the old style forums may have had their day.

If you are interested, I will keep updating this page with Amersham News, Views & Information and the main site will stay live, although slimmed down.  I also have a presence on twitter and Facebook.



Mystery Amersham Craters – Anyone Know What they Are?

I have recently been sent the attached picture and map.  The picture shows 3 indentations in a field, which are in a line and look unnatural. I am wondering if anyone knows what they might be?

I don’t think they would be bomb craters from WW2, perhaps they are where clay was dug out ages ago.  They do seem to be a mystery, so if anyone knows, please let me know.

They are marked on the map, (they are across the valley from the A&W college).


fields1 map1