Rotary in Amersham Celebrates its 70th Charter This Year

Rotary in Amersham celebrates its 70th Charter this year.
The inaugural meeting of The Rotary Club of Amersham was held at The Mill Stream, Amersham on the 15th May 1946.
The Chairman was Mr F.G.Penman M.A.  Founder Members included :- Mr G.F.Brazil, The Reverend E.M.Page, Mr E.S.Gates,Mr H.R.Hoare, Mr A.T.Sly.
 At the meeting Lt. Col. Gordon Spencer Marston D.S.O M.C was elected as founder President.
Since then, Rotary in Amersham  has raised many thousands of pounds for charities it supports and contributes to the community with events and activities, including the Young Chef and Young Artist Competitions, popular with local schools.
As the result of a charity golf day Rotary in Amersham President, Derek Bryant was recently able to present a cheque for £5,000 to Claire Redrup, Community Fund Raising Manager for Rennie Grove Hospice Care. If you would like to know more about the activities of Rotary in Amersham please contact :- David Bevan 01494 775805

“Religion: A Threat to us All?” – Talk By Present of National Secular Society – 14 December

Chiltern Humanists have invited the NSS President, Terry Sanderson, to talk on “Religion: A Threat to us All?”
Founded in 1866, the NSS is celebrating its 150th Anniversary and Terry Sanderson has agreed to talk to us.  The NSS works towards a society in which all citizens, regardless of religious belief, or lack of religious belief, can live together fairly and cohesively. It campaigns for a secular democracy with a separation of religion and state, where everyone’s Human Rights are respected equally.

Terry has been President of the NSS since 2008. Prior to that he was for many years a gay activist. In his autobiography,  The Adventures of a Happy Homosexual , he wrote  At the beginning of this story I, along with every other gay man in the country, was a sexual outlaw. If I had expressed my sexual preference for those of my own sex I could have ended up in prison. Now, six decades later, I am about to exercise my option to be married to my male partner. During that time, religion has staged a revival that could conceivably reverse everything that gay people have achieved. In Europe, only a few short years ago, religion was regarded as being in its death throes. Now it is renewing itself in new and more frightening forms, with the potential to threaten us all.
Is he right? If so, what can or should we do about it? Discuss these issues with Terry, and with Keith Porteous-Wood, NSS General Secretary, who will also be there.

Mulled wine and mince pies provided!!!

date: 14 December 2016

time: 19:30

venue: Large Barn Hall, Amersham Community Centre, Chiltern Avenue, Amersham HP6 5AH
Ample parking available.

cost: Free

event web:

Calling all former employees of Amersham’s Goya or Brazils/Bowyers

Calling all former employees of Goya or Brazils/Bowyers
Amersham Museum is looking for former employees of Amersham’s large post war employers – the toiletries manufacturer, Goya and the meat and pie manufacturer, Brazil’s (which later became Bowyers) to come and share their memories of working for these two important local companies.

On Thursday 1st December between 2pm and4pm, museum curator, Emily Toettcher is running a session for ex-employees of Brazil’s or Bowyers in the Large Barn Hall, Community Centre, Chiltern Avenue, Amersham-on-the-Hill, HP6 with tea, coffee and cake served as refreshments.
On Monday 5th December, again from 2pm-4pm and in the Large Barn Hall, Community Centre, Chiltern Avenue, Amersham-on-the-Hill, HP6, former Goya employees will have a chance for them to relive their memories of their work days. Once again, tea, coffee and cake served. We would love to hear your stories of working at Goya.

“We would love to hear from both sets of former employees and provide an opportunity to share their memories with each other.” Emily explains. “We need to capture these memories so that future generations have a better understanding of what local life was like in the 20th century.”
People’s stories will be collected and recorded for the museum’s archive and some will feature in a new exhibition when the museum reopens in 2017. This is part of the People’s Story of the 20th Century project which is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
The Brazil’s/Bowyers session takes place on Thursday 1st December, 2pm-4pm. The Goya session is Monday 5th December, 2pm-4pm. Both take place in the Large Barn Hall, Community Centre, Chiltern Avenue, Amersham-on-the-Hill.
If you are interested in attending either session, please come along on the afternoon or email or phone on 01494 723700 for more information.

For more information contact Emily Toettcher, Curator:  or call 01494 723700

New book provides fascinating insight into Amersham in the 1940s

New book provides fascinating insight into Amersham in the 1940s

Although the independent Amersham Museum is a community-centred host of lively events for
the young and old, it also contains an interesting archive of documents and ephemera relating
to people and places in Amersham.
Some years ago during a routine audit of the document collection a handwritten journal was
discovered written by a local resident. The journal had been donated by a lady in Norfolk who
had found it in the drawer of a piece of furniture she bought at auction. The museum is very
grateful that she did not just throw it away, but thought to offer it for the collection.
The name of the journal’s writer was evident from the correspondence placed within the pages
of the journal, and it matched the name of an author of a book in the museum’s library. The
writer was Mabel Richmond Brailsford, a writer of historical biographies of religious
personalities, such as William Penn and John Wesley.
Thanks to a research volunteer transcribing the journal and a volunteer typographer designing
the book, this journal has now been published by the museum to enable everyone to learn at
first-hand about life on the homefront during World War Two. Within the journal are 40,000
words of wonderful stories of Amersham residents, descriptions of war-torn London, tales of
national personalities, the trials of providing a home for bombed-out Londoners and general
uninformed gossip. The well-educated writer splatters her entries with French, Italian, German
and Latin phrases. She writes with intelligence and wit, but still displays her prejudices,
admiration for her favourites and an undercurrent of cultural snobbery. This lucid and
entertaining account of her thoughts and descriptions of events and people give us a vivid
account of life in Amersham during World War Two.
As well as the journal, the book includes a biography of the author, researched in archives in
Manchester and Ilfracombe; a bibliography of her published work; and mini biographies of the
150 people and places contained within the journal. It is an exciting new addition to the
understanding of the deprivations and conditions endured on the homefront during world war
Copies are available from the publisher, Amersham Museum, for £10 each. Proceeds will
support the museum’s development project into the neighbouring building.

Entry is £2.50 per adult and under 16s are free.
The Museum is open March to August Thursday – Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday afternoons
2pm – 4.30pm The Museum is also open from 10-4.30pm on Saturdays.
There are guided walks of the town every Sunday at 2.30pm April to August. The walk lasts an
hour and a half and costs £2 per adult with under 16s free. Martyrs walks to the martyrs
memorial are led by guides in Tudor costume on the last Saturday of the month at 2.30pm,
April to September. The martyrs walks last two hours and a quarter and cost £2 per adult with
under 16s free.
The Museum is located at 49 High Street, Old Amersham, HP7 0DP. There is free parking on
the High Street. The nearest car park is located just off the Broadway, about 350m from the

PlayBall – Weekly Softball & Baseball – Amersham

PlayBall – Weekly Softball & Baseball sessions in a park near you!
Event Date and Start Time / Event venue and Address


Weekly sessions from now until October


Monday 4pm-5pm Hervines Park, Amersham Mixed Softball 14+ years

Wednesday 4pm-5pm King George V Park, Amersham Mixed Baseball 9-14 years

Thursday 4pm-5pm Barn Meadow, School Lane, Old Amersham Mixed Softball 14+ years
Event Cost


£2 per session, no need to book just turn up!
Further Information


Mobile Number: 07703754589


Restorative Yoga – Restorative Yoga for the Buckinghamshire Community

Restorative Yoga – Restorative Yoga for the Buckinghamshire Community
A wonderful way to commence your yoga journey.  Great for beginners, this practice involves passive poses, practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. We use props to assist you to hold poses longer.
  Reduces Anxiety 
  Increases Flexibility
  Lubricates the joints, ligaments and tendons
  Nourishes all the organs of the body
  It’s a complete detoxification
First Class starts Wednesday 8th June 2016 at 18:30 until 19:45 and continues every Wednesday onwards.
Please contact Sima with any questions
Venue and Address – Market Hall, Market Square, Old Amersham
Event Cost – £10
Further Information  –,, tel 07748 632013 (Sima)